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a two-day workshop developed and presented by Carlo Scodanibbio - Cape Town - 9-10 February 2010
building the keystone to world-class workforce performance

NB: this course has already been presented. If you wish to view Carlo Scodanibbio's up-to-date offer of Lean Training Programs (South Africa Lean Business Excellence) for South Africa and neighbouring Countries please click here.

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the fact

In today's "Global Market", featuring vanishing borders and global competition, all industrial concerns should aim at new, higher Performance targets, in line with the "best of the class".

As the ultimate secret to obtain high performance is "people", new ways of managing people and of organising and supervising them, as well as new ways of obtaining high levels of efficiency and effectiveness (performance) from people should be looked at. It comes down to what works best for the people within the team. Most organisations want their employees to be involved, but employee engagement can range from a simple suggestion system to self-directed work teams. The essential problem is how to structure the involvement process.

Total Employee Involvement is the core discipline of the Lean Thinking philosophy.
This course is designed to illustrate in detail the TEI discipline and its deployment in all Industries, and give a solid overview of its most up-to-date developments (TEP - Total Employee Performance).

A comprehensive approach to Lean HR Management will be illustrated in detail, and supported with numerous case studies.

Lean isn't an option any more - it's a necessity!!!!!!

This two-day course gives you the opportunity to find out what are the latest trends in employee management and directly relate it back to your strategies. It will be a highly interactive event designed to be interesting and to offer great learning experience.

"...the survival of firms… their continuous existence depends on day-to-day mobilization of every ounce of intelligence... Only by drawing on the combined brain power of all employees can a firm face up to the turbulence and constraint of today's business environment... PEOPLE are the key to the efficient functioning of any organisation."



workshop contents and main topics

The Key Requirements for Successful Employee Involvement and Performance

Making Participants Aware of the Total Employee Involvement (TEI) Discipline

The Main Parameters Associated with People Performance

People Performance: why "traditional" enterprises find it difficult to achieve

Organisational Structures that Support Effective Employee Involvement and Performance Schemes

Team work: the solution?

About Involvement: from the "Suggestion box" Scheme to Total Participation and Performance

Transmitting Basic Lean-Thinking (--> read more about) and Value-Adding-Management (--> read more about) Concepts to People

Practical ways and tips to obtain higher people involvement and performance

Implementation Requirements and Strategies for Getting Started

Tools and Skills Needed to be Successful in a Team Environment

A Comprehensive Model of Total Employee Involvement

How World-Class Enterprises achieve high Productivity levels

Empowerment and Management Style

Beyond TEI: TEP - Total Employee Performance

Job Satisfaction

Lean Human Resources Management


workshop venue & timing

Venue: 4/5* Hotel in central Cape Town

Date: 9-10 February 2010

Timing: Registration will be at 08:00 with the workshop beginning at 08:30 and concluding at 17:00.
There will be a 15' break for refreshments in the morning and the afternoon (at approx. 10:15 and 15:15 respectively) and lunch will be served at 12:30.
All timings are approximate due to the interactive and intensive nature of the workshop.

"The real and only secret for achieving a Flow style of Production - the heart of Lean Thinking - is people"
This two-day course gives you the opportunity to find out what are the latest trends in employee management and directly relate it back to your strategies. It will be a highly interactive event designed to be interesting and to offer great learning experience.

who should attend

This highly interactive event is intended for managers, administrators, and champions working with suggestion systems, continuous improvement, teaming, recognition or other areas of employee performance management: Managing Directors - General Managers - Plant Managers - Factory Managers - Manufacturing Directors/Managers - Operations Directors/Managers - Production Directors/Managers - Project and Construction Managers - HR Managers/Officers - Quality Assurance Directors/ Managers - Team Leaders - Industrial Engineers - Chief Engineers - Technical Directors - Procurement Managers - Logistic Managers - Planning Managers - Warehouse Managers - Inventory Managers

The course is equally beneficial for all Industrial Sectors (Manufacturing, Service, Project/Construction) as well as the Public Sector.


about your facilitator

carlo scodanibbio photograph Carlo Scodanibbio, born in Macerata (Italy) in 1944, holds an Italian doctor degree in Electrical Engineering (Politecnico di Milano - 1970).

He has over 39 years of experience in Plant Engineering, Project Engineering and Project Management, as well as Industrial Engineering and Operations Management.

Free-lance Consultant since 1979, he has worked in a wide spectrum of companies and industries in many countries (Southern Africa - Italy - Cape Verde - Romania - Malta - Cyprus - Lebanon - Mauritius - Malaysia - Kenya - India - Saudi Arabia), and operates as an Independent Professional Consultant and Human Resources Trainer to industry.

His area of intervention is: World Class Performance for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Project, Manufacturing, and Service sectors.
His favourite area of action is: the "lean" area.

He has co-operated, inter-alia, with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, the Cyprus Productivity Centre, the Malta Federation of Industry, the Mauritius Employers' Federation, the Romanian Paper Industry Association, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the University of Cape Town.

His workshops and seminars, conducted in English, Italian and French, have been attended by well over 14.000 Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and Workers. They feature a very high level of interaction, and are rich in simulations, exercising and real case studies. The approach is invariably "hands-on" and addressed to immediate, practical application.


from the desktop of Carlo Scodanibbio

Dear Delegate(s),

Research by Gallup has uncovered that less than 30% of employees are truly engaged in their jobs. Lean Thinkers have long shown that an additional 25-40% of the work done by most organisations is waste or non-value added. This means that at least 40% of every payroll dollar is lost. Is this an acceptable level of performance?

This course will be a shocking course for many of you. Because it demystifies all traditional principles of the first industrial revolution on which the majority of enterprises, still today, are built or around which they operate. By presenting in rather great detail the philosophy of the second industrial revolution and its impact on people management, this course is a door-opener to lean HR practices for whoever is: ready to listen to the message - prepared to abandon obsolete principles, formulas and approaches - willing to have really performing people.

You see, there are enterprises in which "employment" as such does no longer exist. They are not many, but their achievements are astonishing: their people think, act and perform like businessmen, not employees - their people operate in strict contact with customers and target at maximising clients' satisfaction - their people are driven to self-guidance, controlling a value/profit-generating "area of purpose" - their people are a real "wealth pump". Can this concept be replicated in all types of Organisations? This course wants to prove that yes, it can.

I GUARANTEE that you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools to improve the value proposition of your operations!
See you soon in Cape Town!

Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio


a few quotes from previously satisfied delegates

An excellent course, intensive but fun thanks to a good delivery of the subject by Dr. C. Scodanibbio. Look forward to implement at least a few of what was communicated
[K C - Operations Manager - AX Holdings - Malta]
An excellent course. As an NLP Practitioner, I operate by the theory of "Perception is Projection", "Being at cause" and total empowerment of individuals, leading and managing by inspiration and holistic respect. All you said confirmed and added to my beliefs and tought me more. Thank you.
[K V - Performance Coach/NLP Trainer - Tuning Fork Ltd. - Malta]
An excellent course. The TEI concept is a very good concept and should be applied to all companies. I'm glad to have been part of this course. Lecturer was simply excellent!
[D M - Financial Controller - Where's everybody - Malta]
I have found the course to be excellent as marked and sets very high, idealistic targets. Having said that I hope that persuasion + convincing of managers will enable part application of what has been learnt.
[M S - Executive Secretary - MCAST - Malta]
It was a pleasure hearing the experience of Carlo and understand more the cross cultures. I did not agree with everything said but I will surely do some thinking.
[N M - Department Manager - Mitts Ltd. - Malta]
An excellent course, super interesting. If I could really apply all the concepts learnt, it would really improve my company.
[J D - Assistant Manager - Carlo Gavazzi Malta - Malta]
An excellent, high energy course and very engaging!
[E B - HR Manager - Carlo Gavazzi Malta - Malta]
An excellent, very interesting course. Prosit.
[K M - Production Manager - Playmobil - Malta]
An excellent, very comprehensive, educational course
[B E - Senior Project Manager - Nesma + Partners Contracting Co. - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
An excellent course, very good to open brain for new ideas
[R K - Projects Co-ordinator - Nesma + Partners Contracting Co. - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
An excellent course. Dr Carlo, you are a "crazy" trainer! I like it.
[A P - Marketing Manager - Nesma + Partners Contracting Co. - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
Very useful training and fantastic presentation.
[R L K - Accounts Manager - Nesma + Partners Contracting Co. - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
I am proud and honoured to have attended this course.
[F Z - Training Operational Manager - Nesma Trading - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
An excellent seminar: the best of the best
[A A - Procurement Manager - Nesma Trading - Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia]
An excellent course - it has significantly changed my way of thinking and my views on my employees.
[L P - Assistant Manager - Airtrans Group - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course, I did really enjoy it, it was really professional. Carlo, your seminar really helped me to clear lots of questions I had in my head.
[N I - HR manager - H.S. Data - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course. I was very satisfied with it and look forward to a new course once I have tried the methods I learnt.
[M C - R&D Manager - Elysee Irrigation - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course - very confident speaker with clear aims to simplistic verbal approaches to complicated issues.
[N T - Director - Tofarco - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course. Perfect!!!
[H H - Shop Manager - Spectus Co. - Limassol - Cyprus]
Excellent course, excellent performance
[A I - Operations Manager - Spectus Co. - Limassol - Cyprus]
This program is designed and conducted beautifully
[V C - Production Manager - Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd - Haryana - India]
Excellent program, good participation, good examples
[V K S - Deputy General Manager, Production - Jubilant Organosys Ltd - Nagar - India]
An excellent course. Overall I am very happy I attended the program.
[S T - Deputy GM, Human Resources - Moser Baer India Ltd - New Delhi - India]
An excellent course, it has met my expectations
[K C - GM, Materials - Sunbeam Auto Ltd - Delhi - India]
Good trainer, impressive and wide knowledge - expression is absolutely fantastic
[S M - QA Manager - Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd - Haryana - India]
more testimonials

fees, discounts, promotion, terms and conditions

In line with the current economic climate, prices are extremely competitive.

FEES STRUCTURE (Prices are per Delegate):
° Price per Delegate R5200,00
° 2 Delegates: less 5% R4940,00
° 3-5 Delegates: less 10% R4680,00
° 6-9 Delegates: less 15% R4420,00
° 10+ Delegates: less 20% R4160,00

Please note: the deadline for registration is strictly by the 14th January 2010.
Early Bird Registration: register and settle workshop Fees by December 18th, 2009 and get an additional 10% discount on the applicable price (as per Fees Structure above)

For a Printable Registration Form (pdf) please click here.

To download a Printable workshop Brochure (pdf) please click here.

Fees include: participation in the 2-day workshop "Lean Human Resources Management" to be held on 9-10 February 2010 - Refreshments and Lunches - workshop Notes and Documentation - Certificate of Achievement signed by Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio.
Upon receipt of a duly completed and signed Registration Form, a Confirmation Letter and Invoice will be sent to you.

Payment of workshop Fees is strictly on presentation and is required within 5 working days from date of Invoice.

All Cancellations of Registrations must be made in writing. Due to contractual obligations, the following cancellation charges apply:
20 to 10 working days notice : 50% of the workshop fee
9 to 3 working days notice : 70% of the workshop fee
2 working days or less notice : 100% of the workshop fee
However, a complete set of documentation will be sent to you.
Substitutions are welcome at any time.

Should the workshop be cancelled by force-majeure or for any other reason, you will receive a full refund of the paid workshop Fees.



For administrative and technical enquiries please contact directly the workshop Leader:
Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio
P O Box 1018
Sea Point    8060
South Africa
Tel. +27 (0)21 424 9556 - Cell. +27 (0)83 258 7128 - e-mail:

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