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Carlo Scodanibbio: original Power Point Presentations

Carlo Scodanibbio audio/visual Power Point presentations, built using all novel effects of MS Power Point, are very successful in his real-world courses: the audience attention is kept high at all times and participants focus easily on the topic being presented.

A "static" version of several Presentations are available in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format for free download - details are here.

As many participants in Carlo Scodanibbio's courses have asked how to obtain his course "original" presentation for future, "in-house" use, finally the decision has been made: Carlo Scodanibbio "original" presentations are now available, under certain conditions, for "in-house" training programs.

The conditions are very simple: the Presentation, to be purchased at a fee, may be installed in one computer station only - at the purchasing enterprise's premises - may be used only to train the enterprise personnel - and may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced and distributed by any means.

Ideally, a presentation should be used and presented by an in-house Trainer who has attended the corresponding course in the real-world.
In any case, some comments for the presenter are inserted in those slides that require a more-in-depth explanation.
Each course presentation comes in a package containing: master of course Notes - masters of Exercises/Hand-outs - Movies/Case Studies - etc.

Upon receipt of the due fee the Presentation package will be supplied and despatched on one or more CDs or DVDs

Power Point Presentations Packages are available for the following courses:

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