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e-Course Program
Creativity: the ultimate, lean resource for the years 2000
an e-course showing why and how Creativity is and will be the only strategic factor for high levels of performance at individual, professional, entrepreneurial or industrial level

course contents and main topics

course format

This course is now available as an e-course. It's the e-replica of the real-world course conducted by Carlo Scodanibbio.
The e-course is published in .pdf format (Acrobat). The couse file size is 3,81 Mb.

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course objectives

In a rapidly changing world, "traditional" resources such as finance, products, technological strength, management abilities, or marketing/commercial assets seem to be no longer sufficient or anyhow adequate to guarantee continued operational performance to Enterprises, Businesses, Professionals and even Individuals.
When uncertainties grow very high - when change is continuous and requires frequent and fast innovation and adaptation - when competition is hot and the available market pie does not grow any larger........ that's the time to look at new ways and styles of competitiveness in industry, and at new, dynamic approaches to the future for professionals and individuals.

This course will show that one and only one factor makes the difference between failure and success in any industry, in any business, in any venture, in any project, in any undertaking - and that factor, common denominator to all other traditional and modern parameters of performance and success, is Creativity.
Traditionally confined to artistic sectors, and commonly considered as a discipline necessary only to advertising professionals, Creativity has always been instead, and is more and more going to constitute the very discipline for adapting, innovating and performing operationally when change assumes a fast rhythm and dramatic proportions.

This course is designed to enable participants to understand fully the "mysteries" of Creativity, the mechanisms that govern the behaviour of human mind, the processes that produce ideas, the techniques and tools available for generating novel and valuable concepts, the modern approach to solving problems of any nature - and then to deploy operationally such tools and techniques, channelling highly energetic creative power in a controlled and intentional mode, in three very practical and actual fields: Creative Problem Solving, Search for Opportunities, and Continuous Improvement.

Equally beneficial to the individual, the professional, the businessman, and all industry representatives, this course can be considered as a very comprehensive ad intensive presentation and exploration of Creativity as a discipline, as a factor of competitiveness and performance, as a major resource, and as a guiding philosophy.

This e-Course is highly interactive: participants will be guided through the various steps of the course and through the process of mastering the use of all Creative Tools and Techniques by means of continuous exercising (individually and in team) and real and practical case studying.
For industry personnel, this e-course may beneficially be attached to "
The essential toolbox for continuous Performance improvement in the SME".
For details, click here (e-course under preparation).

target audience

Individuals, Professionals, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and Personnel at all levels from Industrial and Commercial Enterprises.
The very small enterprise (up to 20 employees) will particularly benefit from enrolling in this course.

cost of the e-course

The cost of this e-course is US$ 49,95 (equivalent to approx. Euro 37,00 and ZAR 500). Payment (bank transfer) can be made in any of these 3 currencies. Credit Card payment can only be made in US$.
For this you get:

No other e-course offers so much for so little!

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