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e-Course Program
towards Lean Manufacturing:
the Kanban Method
The intelligent deployment of the Kanban method to pave the road to Lean Manufacturing

course contents and main topics

course format

This course is now available as an e-course. It's the e-replica of the real-world course conducted by Carlo Scodanibbio.
The e-course is published in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader). The course file size is 1,30 Mb.

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synopsis & course objectives

Many Manufacturing Enterprises are willing to undergo the "lean" road. Many enterprises make a formal decision in this respect.
However, many enterprises just don't get there: their "lean" project gets somehow stuck midway, even at the very beginning - momentum decays or even gets lost altogether - the "lean" project gets postponed, delayed and even rescheduled indefinitely. Why?
Because either the direction, the "lean" direction is not clear - or, even when it's rather clear, they cannot set priorities and produce a formal, comprehensive plan of action.

There is also another reason why the Lean Project may fail: this is because what is missing is a "gradual" approach.
"Gradual" is a magic key-word when it comes to establishing lean practices. If people try to establish a continuous flow situation when the previous state of affairs was all but flowing (traditional large-lot/batch production), what happens - generally - is that the entire system goes berserk and havoc takes place all over the show.
A gradual approach requires to first establish some form of "pulled" production (driven by market demand) before we can even consider to get things flowing.

This is where the Kanban Method can be of great help.

In this e-course you will learn the overall Kanban approach on a step-by-step, hands-on fashion. Visual examples and case studies will greatly assist in grasping the Kanban concepts, principles and rules.

After dealing with "traditional" Kanban in great detail, this e_course goes one step further, by presenting what the author calls "Intelligent" Kanban, or Kanban deployed as a "transition" discipline in paving the road to real Lean Manufacturing (continuous flow - based on takt time - in a waste-less fashion).
The Paced Withdrawal approach will be illustrated in detail, as door opener to the one-piece-flow/continuous flow style of production.

This will make this e-course a real learning experience.

target audience

Heads and Directors of Operations, Quality, Maintenance and Production - Operations Managers, Production Managers, Production Planners and Supervisors - Kanban specialists - Continuous Improvement Champions and Team Leaders.

cost of the e-course

The cost of this e-course is US$ 34,95 (equivalent to approx. Euro 27,00 and ZAR 350). Payment (bank transfer) can be made in any of these 3 currencies. Credit Card payment can only be made in US$.
For this you get:

No other e-course offers so much for so little!

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