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e-Course Program
TPM: how to calculate and monitor OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness
an e-course showing a comprehensive method of calculating the most important plant maintenance index, and how to use it effectively to monitor machinery performance

course contents and main topics

course format

This course is now available as an e-course. It's the e-replica of the real-world course conducted by Carlo Scodanibbio.
The e-course is published in .pdf format (Acrobat). The couse file size is 1,10 Mb.

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course objectives

In my "real-world" courses I keep noticing that most delegates do not have a clear knowledge of the main maintenance-related index, the OEE Index, and of its main components. Even worse, when they know how to calculate it still they do not seem to use it effectively to understand their plant real performance and to improve it.
This e-course arises from a strong need in industry: the need to understand clearly the actual returns achieved from plant maintenance activities of whatever nature (Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Centred Maintenance and others).

By showing a step-to-step, comprehensive method of calculating the OEE Index and its 3 main composing rates (Operativity Rate, Performance Rate, Quality Rate - and modern rates such as: Safety Rate and Environment Control Rate) for all classes of machinery, this e-course is a launching pad to recording, analysing and monitoring all major parameters of equipment performance in order to take corrective, improvement actions there where they are actually needed.
Calculation Sheets and abundants examples are supplied, as well as methods for the correct analysis of the collected data. Interactivity is assured through exercising.
Besides dealing in great detail with equipment-related Losses, this e-course tackles as well the subject of equipment-related Waste - a too-often neglected area in plant performance monitoring.

This e-Course is highly interactive: participants will be guided through the various steps of calculating and using effectively the OEE tool in a simple and gradual fashion.

target audience

Heads and Directors of Operations, Maintenance and Production - Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers - Reliability Engineers, Production Managers or Engineers - Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, Schedulers and Controllers - Plant Managers - Engineering Managers, Chief Engineers - Project and Shutdown Managers, Leaders, Planners, Coordinators.

cost of the e-course

The cost of this e-course is US$ 34,95 (equivalent to approx. Euro 27,00 and ZAR 350). Payment (bank transfer) can be made in any of these 3 currencies. Credit Card payment can only be made in US$.
For this you get:

No other e-course offers so much for so little!

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