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e-Course Program
Total Quality Management 2000: 6 Sigma & Poka-Yoke
an e-course showing how the "zero defects" target of today's TQM can be achieved

course contents and main topics

course format

This course is now available as an e-course. It's the e-replica of the real-world course conducted by Carlo Scodanibbio.
The e-course is published in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader). The course file size is 1,70 Mb.

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course objectives

Zero Defects. That's the simple and, at the same time, extremely challenging target set by modern TQM under the Lean Thinking philosophy.
Is it achievable? This e-course wants to prove that, YES, it is.

By illustrating the main TQM tools available to all enterprises to get to the target - 100% Testing, the 6 Sigma Methodology and the Poka-Yoke Discipline - in rather great details and with lots of examples and case studies, this e-course gives the basis as well as practical guidelines for the purpose.
The 6 Sigma methodology is presented in a "no-jargon" fashion, in order to be grasped simply and rapidly.
The Poka-Yoke approach is dealt with in a very practical, example-driven way, so that it can become soon effective for the alert reader.
Implications, constraints, field of applicability and pre-requisites for both disciplines are covered and debated.
Besides, the difference existing between the 6 Sigma and the Lean Thinking approach to the improvement of processes subject to remarkable variability is illustrated in a down-to-earth fashion.

Practical exercising complement this course to make it a real learning experience.

target audience

Heads and Directors of Operations, Quality, Maintenance and Production - Operations Managers, Production Managers - Quality Managers and Practitioners - Continuous Improvement Champions and Team Leaders.

cost of the e-course

The cost of this e-course is US$ 34,95 (equivalent to approx. Euro 27,00 and ZAR 350). Payment (bank transfer) can be made in any of these 3 currencies. Credit Card payment can only be made in US$.
For this you get:

No other e-course offers so much for so little!

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