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training course program

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Training Course Program
TPM - Total Productive Maintenance - 2-day workshop
how to maximise overall equipment effectiveness, minimising losses and assuring optimal value generation through plant and machinery in the manufacturing industry

workshop contents and main topics

workshop duration

Duration: 16 hours

workshop objectives

No industry, today, can perform any operational processing without equipment.
In the ideal productive concern, equipment should be operating at 100% capacity 100% of the available time, producing value.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the state-of-the-art discipline that leads, in a process of continuous, systematic improvement, towards the ideal target (0 equipment downtime, 0 defects and 0 safety problems).

This very intensive workshop is structured to give a realistic, "hands-on" picture of today's TPM.

The objectives of this workshop include (but are not limited to) the following:
- to present to participants the World-Class Manufacturing scenario and the relationship with TPM and Lean Manufacturing, illustrating the main differences between "traditional" and "today's" TPM
- to show with practical examples the importance of a modern approach to industrial performance based primarily on people, then on methods and only thereafter on technology
- to give a rather comprehensive presentation of today's TPM and study its approach, principles, tools and techniques
- to illustrate the new relationship between production and maintenance personnel, based on integration rather than division
- to illustrate today's main principles and methods of Plant Management
- to supply participating delegates with practical guidelines for planning and introducing a valid TPM program within their enterprise, illustrating benefits as well as constraints and necessary prerequisites
- to present simple but effective tools to measure, at any moment in time, the results achieved so far through a TPM program and identify the gap still to be filled

This workshop is very interactive and supplemented with abundant practical exercises and case studies

target audience

Operations Managers, Plant Managers and Engineers, senior and middle level Maintenance Managers, senior and middle level Production Managers, Quality Managers and Technical Managers from manufacturing enterprises.
This workshop is designed specifically for the Manufacturing Industry.
A comprehensive (4 days) course on TPM for the Manufacturing Industry is also offered. For details please click here.
The TPM workshop program for the Project/Construction Industry is here.
The TPM workshop program for the Service Industry is here.


You are welcome to request further clarifications about this course - please be as specific as possible. Just contact Carlo Scodanibbio

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