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e-Course Program
The road to Lean Manufacturing:
Value Stream Management - the Value Stream Mapping technique
A comprehensive, step-by-step approach to Lean Manufacturing

course contents and main topics

course format

This course is now available as an e-course. It's the e-replica of the real-world course conducted by Carlo Scodanibbio.
The e-course is published in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader). The course file size is 1,70 Mb.

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synopsis & course objectives

Many Manufacturing Enterprises are willing to undergo the "lean" road. Many enterprises make a formal decision in this respect.
However, many enterprises just don't get there: their "lean" project gets somehow stuck midway, even at the very beginning - momentum decays or even gets lost altogether - the "lean" project gets postponed, delayed and even rescheduled indefinitely. Why?
Because either the direction, the "lean" direction is not clear - or, even when it's rather clear, they cannot set priorities and produce a formal, comprehensive plan of action.

People gets confused on priorities: what comes first, second and third is vague or blurred - and all constraints associated with a lean initiative are not properly identified and understood.

This is where Value Stream Management and its operational arm, Value Stream Mapping, come to the rescue.
Besides representing a fantastic tool for the operations/improvement groups - who need practical techniques for understanding their operational system and for planning/prioritising lean initiatives - VSM is also a super tool for Top Management, who need to know and "touch" the benefits associated with a lean project.

In this e-course you will learn the overall VSM approach on a step-by-step, hands-on fashion. Each stage of the VSM process will be mastered before progressing to the next one.

Practical exercising complement this course to make it a real learning experience.

target audience

Heads and Directors of Operations, Quality, Maintenance and Production - Operations Managers, Production Managers - Continuous Improvement Champions and Team Leaders.

cost of the e-course

The cost of this e-course is US$ 34,95 (equivalent to approx. Euro 27,00 and ZAR 350). Payment (bank transfer) can be made in any of these 3 currencies. Credit Card payment can only be made in US$.
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No other e-course offers so much for so little!

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