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training course program

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Training Course Program
Lean Kaizen - 4-day course
the road to continuous, systematic improvement in the lean direction

course contents and main topics

course duration

Duration: 32 hours (typical)

course objectives

"a very thorough and comprehensive programme on all aspects of lean kaizen"

Walk away with the power to:
- Understand, assess and measure (enterprise's) Performance and its main short, medium and long term components (value-added, productivity, output quality, profitability.... climate, image, reputation, culture....)
- Learn simple and basic Indexing Methods and graphic tools, suited to monitor "at a glance" the essential parameters of an enterprise's Performance
- Know how vital is launching valid programs of continuous Performance Improvement utilising effectively the most precious resource of the enterprise: People.
- See the real direction, the lean direction, to be taken when aiming at improvement, by focusing onto core processes of the business, and avoiding marginal, spurious "functional" improvement.
- Understand that only by enhancing the added-value generated in core business processes and eliminating any form of waste inherent in those processes can and should the enterprise's overall Performance improve.
- Understand how Lean Thinking has evolved since its inception, and how it applies to different sectors, operations and business processes
- Understand in depth the Lean Thinking philosophy, performance goals and critical success factors
- Know how to develop a lean culture within your Organisation
- Use lean ideas to think about process improvement in your own organisation and its value-chain
- Develop a strategy and a medium-term implementation plan to incorporate lean principles into your core and support processes
- Learn practical methods to rank and prioritise areas to be improved, in order to generate and maintain an adequate level of improvement momentum which could otherwise be lost.
- Learn basic and simple tools for initiating and generating the wanted improvements: basic, modern rules governing effective and efficient Team-Work will be illustrated, together with basic criteria for modern Problem Solving and Opportunities Generation in creative mode.
- Understand that improvement is best handled as a Project, and that as such it requires the adoption of basic, modern Lean Project Management approaches as the most adequate to produce Performance enhancement.
- Avoid the common pitfalls normally encountered during Lean implementation
- Explore the key requirements for successful employee involvement in Lean practices
- Discover the organisational structures that support Lean and open the door to Performance improvement
- Implement strategies to increase Performance through Lean-Thinking people while assuring their job satisfaction

This course is very interactive and supplemented with abundant practical exercises and case studies

target audience

Business Strategists - Chief Executive Officers - Managing Directors - General Managers - Continuous Improvement Leaders and Champions - High and mid-level Managers (Operations, Production, Quality, R&D, Engineering, Maintenance, HR, Administration, Commercial…..) from private enterprises (manufacturing and assembly - service establishments and commercial enterprises - project/contract-driven and construction) of all sizes and public/governmental organisations.
The very small enterprise (up to 20 employees) will particularly benefit from participating in this course.

from the desktop of Dr Carlo Scodanibbio

Dear Delegate(s),

Nothing will happen in those enterprises that do not know where they stand. No real improvement can take place... Because they stand in soft, loose ground, or even quicksand.... so that any attempt to improve will most probably make them sink even more...

Knowing the present level of performance by measuring it creates a solid launch pad and an associated tension from which subsequent improvement initiatives can get powered and take-off.

An important objective of this course is to enable participating enterprises to learn how to "measure".
The most important objective of this course is to make participating delegates aware that, today, the only possible and valid "direction" for improvement initiatives is the "lean" direction.
Many enterprises have undergone continuous improvement programs without a direction. Caught by improvement enthusiasm, people have tried to improve just "anything", at 360°, following the motto "today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today". This is what I call the "black & white TV set mistake", or going for spurious, fictitious improvement that leads nowhere.
To go somewhere, enterprises must go "lean".

Lean Thinking is changing the way organisations operate. No longer stuck in the paradigm of "mass" thinking, many enterprises, including service and project-driven companies as well as governmental bodies/institutions, have tried to adopt some portions of the Toyota Production System, the Lean philosophy. Many have failed. Many have rushed off, taken a course and pronounced themselves LEAN. Yet very few have tested the depths of overall performance enhancement and added competitiveness possible with a complete change of paradigms in the "lean" direction.
Going "lean", or targeting at real "excellence", is a total "thinking revolution".

This course will be a shocking course for many of you. Because it demystifies all traditional principles of the first industrial revolution on which the majority of enterprises, still today, are built or around which they operate. By presenting in rather great detail the philosophy of the second industrial revolution and the main tools and disciplines readily available to all enterprises to perform in an "excellent" status, this course is a door-opener to lean practices for whoever is: ready to listen to message - prepared to abandon obsolete principles, formulas and approaches - willing to get to "lean" status.

This course will prove that competitiveness today can no longer be achieved by merely cutting costs or revamping technology: because cutting costs has a floor, while performance improvement through maximisation of value-added and waste elimination has no ceiling -and because technology alone does not generate the levels of output value enterprises and organisations need to tackle the challenges of the new millennium. By showing that "thinking" is what must change at all levels of an organisation, this course will prove that higher levels of performance can be achieved if you create the right conditions.

I hope to see you there, best regards

Dr Carlo


You are welcome to request further clarifications about this course - please be as specific as possible. Just contact Carlo Scodanibbio

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