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training course program

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Training Course Program
The essential toolbox for continuous Performance improvement in the SME - 3-day course
how management of SMEs can be the driver of "continuous improvement in enterprise's performance" programs

course contents and main topics

course duration

Duration: 24 hours (typical)

course objectives

...aiming at excellence is valuable and beneficial per se. It is the most precious asset in the balance sheet of the world-class enterprise.......

This course is designed:
- to make participants aware of the vital importance of launching valid programs of continuous Performance Improvement utilising effectively the most precious resource of the enterprise: People.
- to show participants the real direction to be taken when aiming at improvement, by focusing onto core processes of the business, and avoiding marginal, spurious "functional" improvement.
- to demonstrate to participants that only by enhancing the added-value generated in core business processes and eliminating any form of waste inherent in those processes can and should the enterprise's overall Performance improve.
- to illustrate participants practical methods to rank and prioritise areas to be improved, in order to generate and maintain an adequate level of improvement momentum which could otherwise be lost.
- to provide basic and simple tools for initiating and generating the wanted improvements: basic, modern rules governing effective and efficient Team-Work will be illustrated, together with basic criteria for modern Problem Solving and Opportunities Generation in creative mode.
Besides, basic techniques and tools (Data Collection methods, Pareto analysis, Cause and Effect approaches, Total Problem Solvers, Decision Making criteria and methods...) for practical improvement of processes will be sufficiently illustrated.
- to provide basic and simple Improvement Projects implementation techniques, including the necessary Planning and Control methods.
- to illustrate to participants that improvement is best handled as a Project, and that as such it requires the adoption of basic, modern Project Management approaches as the most adequate to produce Performance enhancement.
- and to show that only with a valid Project Management approach can Innovation (of any nature and entity) and positive Change, so vital in today's environment, be effectively introduced and governed.

This course is very interactive and supplemented with abundant practical exercises and case studies
This course should ideally be attached to "The essential toolbox for Performance measurement and monitoring in the SMEs ".
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target audience

Senior and Middle Management Personnel from all Industrial and Commercial Enterprises.
The very small enterprise (up to 20 employees) will particularly benefit from participating in this course.


You are welcome to request further clarifications about this course - please be as specific as possible. Just contact Carlo Scodanibbio

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