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Covid-19 2020: Special Announcement

Covid-19 2020: distance-learning, e-learning and tele-consulting services
offered world-wide by Carlo Scodanibbio in the Lean field


Late 2019. The world changed: once more. Dramatically. Irreversibly.
The Corona Virus, or Covid-19, has given an unprecedented spin to this world of ours. This Pandemic has made obsolete almost everything we knew, we believed in, we were used to.
The overall impact of Covid-19 - to date - is immense: scientists, economists, politicians, thinkers, church leaders, philosophers and psychologists (among others) are trying hard to understand, to explain, to foresee, to recommend, to take measures.... it's their duty, or their job, or their passion.
It's not within the scope and style of this web site to add comments or explanations to the billions we hear on a daily basis with regard to Covid-19.
However, it is certainly within the scope of this web site to make suggestions and recommendations to people in Industry about how to tackle the enormous challenges of the years to come.

In line with my Philosophy, Vision and Mission (view ») - I, Carlo Scodanibbio, strongly believe that, sooner or later, this Pandemic will be over: no doubt about.
Human Kind has gone through the most incredible difficulties for thousands and thousands of years: all of them rather successfully overcome.
Human kind will make it also this time, once more. It's just a matter of time.

However, the world will never be the same as before: after Covid-19 and all its by-products, the challenges for all Industrial & Business Organizations will be tougher than ever. Only the fittest, the best, the Leanest will survive and will be in a position to tackle the difficult years ahead with a high level of confidence.

BUT: NOW it's the right time to prepare.
Before Covid-19 there wasn't one single Enterprise or Organization that could proclaim itself 100% Lean. Although there were thousands and thousands, world-wide, that had made enormous progresses in the Lean road.
And after? After Covid will be a thing of the past?
There will be no such thing as "....hah, back to business....." or " as usual....".
The law of "Survival of the fittest" will apply in full - no doubt about. It's well verified at the date of releasing this announcement. It will be even more after.....
Who will the Fittest be?

The Fittest will be those Enterprises and Organizations that will be ready to deploy in full all Lean Management (view »)/Lean Thinking (view ») principles in a novel way.

Because after this tremendous change brought-in by Covid-19, only those who will be ready to deliver to Clients - in a very creative way - the highest Value with minimal/nil Waste may hope to survive - to prosper - and even to excel.
BUT: while Lean Principles will always be the same, the adaptation of those principles to a world that will be radically changed will require a high degree of creativity and commitment/involvement by ALL.

After Covid-19 era (assuming there will be a definite "after"), the world will continue to change at an unprecedented speed and with novel features in continuous evolution: "stability" will simply be non-existent.
Markets will change their features rapidly and frequently. Social issues, factors and parameters will be in continuous evolution. The impact of climatic changes may become unbearable. Technology will also upgrade to levels unknown today. And so on.
Therefore: strategies, approaches, and styles of operations will need to be in continuous adaptation/evolution accordingly.
This will command a combined effort, top-down driven but with the highest bottom-up contribution: all resources, all brains, all spirits will need to be mobilised.
Because only in this way, Organizations will be able to generate timely responses suited to novel, unforeseeable circumstances.
Ideas will win. Speed will win. It will be everybody's task to come up rapidly with simple, effective, inexpensive ideas suited to spot and generate opportunities, overcome difficulties, create new operational dynamics....

It won't be easy: we are not much used to it. It will be challenging: a new breed of people will be required. It will be tough: "traditional" management will need to quit, replaced by a new style "participation management".

NOW is the right time to prepare for it.
NOW is the right time to make ALL conscious of the most basic existential principle: "each one of us is fully responsible for his/her life - no-one else is".
NOW is the right time to sensitize ALL to change and to the need for change and continuous adaptation.
NOW is the right time to instil in everybody's mind concepts of commitment and participation/involvement.
NOW is the right time to educate and train ALL in basic Lean principles.
NOW is the right time to explain to ALL basic principles of Creative Thinking and generation of Ideas.
NOW is the right time.
services offered

To the purpose: Carlo Scodanibbio offers his contribution to those willing to break-through the future.
A lot of free Reading Material in this web site will definitely be helpful to: Industry people at all levels - Business people - Students - Researchers - etc. - to acquaint themselves with always-valid Lean, World-Class principles, tools, disciplines and techniques.
Distance-Learning/E-Learning Material - in the form of e-courses and e-books - is available. More will be made available in the nearest future.
Tele-Consulting is active from quite some time already.
Tele-Training (or "webinars", using a fashionable term) is a reality: offered already in "in-house" format (addressed to personnel of one single Organization) - soon available in "public" format.
Details below.

  • To begin with: flip through Carlo Scodanibbio Synoptic Pages (view »). Dozens published to date. More to come in the nearest future.
  • Read Carlo Scodanibbio Tutorials and Case Studies (view »). Many published to date. More to come in the nearest future.
  • Download free Self-Assessment questionnaires (view »). Two released to date: Lean Status Self-Assessment and TPM Status Self-Assessment. More to come. Excellent tools to make you think - to stimulate your perception of reality - to spot weaknesses in your Organization - to design a way forward.....
  • E-courses, Distance-Learning courses, E-books (view »). Quite a number have been released to date. More coming in the nearest future.
  • Tele-Consulting (view »). Tele-Consulting/Online Consulting/E-Consulting is a reality, widely experimented. Via Email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. one-to-one and one-to-team Consulting is nowadays well effective, with results comparable to those achievable through in-premises consulting. Although I would very much prefer - besides the advantage of the human contact - to be "there" myself in person, to see your Organization's reality, to talk to your people, to meet with your management, and to "sniff" the Climate present in your establishment, etc. - and go around your operational areas with my Video Camera - it is still possible to use your eyes and your mobile cameras to grasp all it needs to. Worth to try, isn't it? And the first Tele-Consulting advice is free to all SMEs worldwide.
  • Tele-Training, Online Training, Distance-Training, Webinars. Well experimented already during the Covid-19 breakthrough, today's technology allows any form of "tele-conferencing", including interactive "Tele-Training".
    A) For in-house tele-training just get in touch by email or phone (contact page ») and we can start planning it.
    The training courses offered are listed in this page (view »). In-house training courses can always and beneficially be personalised to suit any specific needs and requirements.
    B) With regard to Public Webinars, they will be available soon. Just check the Home Page (view ») for announcements.

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