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a three-day course developed and presented by Carlo Scodanibbio - first time in Namibia - Swakopmund, 18-19-20 May 2010
the evolution and implementation of lean concepts across business processes and industries
practical principles for all private and public organisations

NB: this course has already been presented. If you wish to view Carlo Scodanibbio's up-to-date offer of Lean Training Programs (South Africa Lean Business Excellence) for South Africa and neighbouring Countries please click here.

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the fact

"The US financial crisis has spiralled into 'the largest financial shock since the Great Depression' and there is now a three-in-four chance of a full-blown global recession."

Organisations seeking to exploit global markets or to survive in local markets, will soon be hitting an 'invisible' but nonetheless debilitating wall; mounting complexity across the value chain and lacklustre business performance. As the economic pendulum swings on the opposite direction, cost cutting pressures are very likely to put Lean Thinking back in the spotlight.


Yet, amid this mounting complexity, many forward thinking enterprises are fully positioned for the challenge as they continue their quest for growth and profitability.


80%+ Reduction in Inventory
30-60% Slash of Direct Labour/Staff Cost
50% Savings of Overhead Expense
40-60% Reduction in Logistics Cost
90-100% Less Errors/Defects
30-40% Cut in Capital Equipment and Capex

Amazing business success stories, steadily taking market share from price-cutting competitors, earning far more profit than ever, and winning the accolades of business leaders worldwide.
Intelligent moves in every corner of the operation, from product design and marketing to operations and leadership, from customer relationship and logistics, to managing projects and administration.

Many who have emulated this phenomenal system have seen double and triple digit productivity growth, as well as unprecedented customer satisfaction levels. This included names like GE, Autoliv, Baxter, AMD, Solectron, Xerox...

Lean Thinking is bringing competitive improvements not just throughout the value chain, but throughout the company as lean principles are beginning to be applied to operations, administration, product development, project and construction management, back-office functions and even accounting!

Will divulge how to get beyond a focus on the surface tools and techniques of Lean by creating a Second Industrial Revolution type of culture - by showcasing a LEAN LEARNING ENTERPRISE.

You'll learn how to:




course contents and main topics


course venue & timing

Venue: 4* Hotel in Swakopmund, Namibia

Date: 18, 19, 20 May 2010

Timing: Registration will be at 08:00 on each day with the course beginning at 08:30.
There will be a 15' break for refreshments in the morning and the afternoon (at approx. 10:15 and 15:15 respectively) and lunch will be served at 12:30.
Each course session will conclude at 17:00.
All timings are approximate due to the interactive and intensive nature of the course.

This highly interactive course is designed to provide participants with practical and 'hands-on' insights on Lean Thinking, along with effective techniques to achieve desired outcomes through practical case studies and live simulations. Derived from Dr. Carlo's extensive experience on Lean processes, this course will be conducted with a highly engaging and result-oriented approach that gives you immediate and substantial results.

who should attend

Business Strategists - Chief Executive Officers - Managing Directors - General Managers - High and mid-level Managers (Operations, Production, Quality, R&D, Engineering, Maintenance, HR, Administration, Commercial...) from private enterprises (manufacturing, processing and assembly - service establishments and commercial enterprises - continuous-process industries - mining/project/contract-driven and construction enterprises) of all sizes and public/governmental organisations.

This course is equally beneficial for all Industrial Sectors (Manufacturing - Service - Project/Construction) and for public/governmental and semi-public bodies and institutions

about your facilitator

carlo scodanibbio photograph Carlo Scodanibbio, born in Macerata (Italy) in 1944, holds an Italian doctor degree in Electrical Engineering (Politecnico di Milano - 1970).

He has over 39 years of experience in Plant Engineering, Project Engineering and Project Management, as well as Industrial Engineering and Operations Management.

Free-lance Consultant since 1979, he has worked in a wide spectrum of companies and industries in many countries (Southern Africa - Italy - Cape Verde - Romania - Malta - Cyprus - Lebanon - Mauritius - Malaysia - Kenya - India - Saudi Arabia), and operates as an Independent Professional Consultant and Human Resources Trainer to industry.

His area of intervention is: World Class Performance for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Project, Manufacturing, and Service sectors.
His favourite area of action is: the "lean" area.

He has co-operated, inter-alia, with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, the Cyprus Productivity Centre, the Malta Federation of Industry, the Mauritius Employers' Federation, the Romanian Paper Industry Association, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the University of Cape Town.

His courses and seminars, conducted in English, Italian and French, have been attended by well over 14.000 Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and Workers. They feature a very high level of interaction, and are rich in simulations, exercising and real case studies. The approach is invariably "hands-on" and addressed to immediate, practical application.


from the desktop of Carlo Scodanibbio

Dear Delegate(s),

Lean Thinking is changing the way organisations operate. No longer stuck in the paradigm of "mass" thinking, many enterprises, including service and project-driven companies as well as governmental bodies/institutions, have tried to adopt some portions of the Toyota Production System, the Lean philosophy. Many have failed. Many have rushed off, taken a course and pronounced themselves LEAN. Yet very few have tested the depths of overall performance enhancement and added competitiveness possible with a complete change of paradigms in the "lean" direction.

Research by Gallup has uncovered that less than 30% of employees are truly engaged in their jobs. Lean Thinkers have long shown that an additional 25-40% of the work done by most organisations is waste or non-value added. This means that nearly 40% of every payroll dollar is lost. With the difficult times ahead, can you afford to lose 40% of your time as a company?

This course will be a shocking course for many of you. Because it demystifies all traditional principles of the first industrial revolution on which most enterprises, still today, are built or around which they operate. By presenting in rather great detail the philosophy of the second industrial revolution and the main tools and disciplines readily available to all enterprises to perform in an "excellent" status, this course is a door-opener to lean practices for whoever is: ready to listen to message - prepared to abandon obsolete principles, formulas and approaches - willing to get to "lean" status.
This course will prove that competitiveness today can no longer be achieved by merely cutting costs or revamping technology: because cutting costs has a floor, while performance improvement through maximisation of value-added and waste elimination has no ceiling -and because technology alone does not generate the levels of output value enterprises and organisations need to tackle the challenges of the new millennium.
This course is the logic development and extrapolation of my "Next Generation Lean Manufacturing" course, dedicated to the Manufacturing Industry. It shows that Lean principles can and should be adopted not only in Operational Manufacturing processes of any nature, but also in all other processes (commercial, administrative, logistics-related, etc.) and also in the operational processes of non-manufacturing enterprises, such as service establishments and project-driven companies. By showing that "thinking" is what must change at all levels of an organisation, this course will prove that higher levels of performance can be achieved if you create the right conditions.

I GUARANTEE that you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools to improve the value proposition of your operations! See you soon in Swakopmund!

Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio


a few quotes from previously satisfied delegates

An excellent course, very professionally delivered. Speaker steals your attention. No boredom and kept light with pertinent humour.
[M S B - Director & Manager - Sullivan Maritime Ltd - Malta]
An excellent course, well organised and very professionally presented - thanks to Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio
[M P - Manager - Sullivan Maritime Ltd - Malta]
An excellent course, very well presented. Very satisfied. Time well spent and very good investment for the future of my career. Well done!!
[J Z - Commercial Manager - Sullivan Maritime Ltd - Malta]
An excellent course. An eye-opening experience with much that can be applied in practice.
[I C - Financial Controller - Salvo Grima Group - Malta]
An excellent course. What I appreciated more as compared to other lean exposures is the drive towards getting to the roots of this philosophy rather than just principles.
[C P - Head of Operations - Prominent Fluid Controls Ltd. - Malta]
An excellent, top notch, very well presented course. Thanks & well done!
[A S - Operations Manager - Hetronic Malta Ltd. - Malta]
An excellent course: it makes you look at things from a different, better perspective.
[S B - Business Development Executive - Malta Federation of Industry - Malta]
An excellent course. I was introduced to a totally new way of thinking and this will improve my performance not only at the place of work but also in the general activities performed daily.
[N B - Project Leader - Hetronic Malta - Malta]
An excellent course. It was an eye-opener to concentrate on what is actually "value-adding".
[G P - Operations Manager - Trelleborg Sealing - Malta]
An excellent course, enjoyed it a lot. If everybody had the opportunity to attend, industry will make a big step forward.
[C B - Engineer - De La Rue - Malta]
Excellent course, very learning experience
[D. B. S. - Director, Manufacturing - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. - Bachupalli - India]
An excellent course, very effective presentation
[M K B - Divisional Manager - Tata Motors Ltd. - Pune - India]
An excellent course. No way to progress in future without Lean Thinking. Lean Thinking can make wonders. Lean Thinking gives - shows - makes everybody responsible/creative active and pro-active.
[K J - Sr. Manager, Production - Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd - Dewas - India]
Presentation and topics were excellent
[A A - General Manager, Production - Wockhardt Ltd - Gujarat - India]
An excellent, superb program
[S P C - Head, Cast House - Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd - Korba - India]
Excellent course, and you are a crazy man!!
[S H - Sr. Engineer - Whirlpool of India Ltd - India]
An excellent course, thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend it
[S. R. T. - Manager, Purchasing - Voltas Ltd - Thane - India]
An excellent course. Document/Presentation is excellent, the "flow" is there.
[T. N. T. - Sr. Manager - Tata Power Ltd - Mumbai - India]
An excellent course. It was extremely useful to get lot of basic concepts of Lean Thinking - which should help us think differently and leaner.
[N. H. K. - Sr. Director, Supply Planning - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. - Bachupalli - India]
An excellent course, quite brain spinning, and has given new dimensions to think and improve
[B. N. R. - Senior General Manager - United Spirits Ltd. - Hyderabad - India]
An excellent course, an eye opener for me - makes me start thinking
[U. N. R. - United Spirits Ltd. - Hyderabad - India]
An excellent course, nice and effectively communicated with real time examples
[R. S. N. - Deputy Manager - Brakes India Ltd. - Chennai - India]
An excellent course - simple, excellent examples made easy to understand
[D. V. - Production Manager - Sundaram Clayton Ltd. - India]
An excellent course - learnt the concepts and enjoyed the training
[B. D. R. - Deputy General Manager - Amara Raja Batteries - India]
A course which makes me think from different perspective to improving performance/eliminating waste and adding value to stake-holders
[S. B. - Deputy General Manager, Operations - Aditya Auto Products - Bangalore - India]
An excellent course, good learning experience in which many ideas were generated and will be implemented in the work place, which will help our organisation to become leaner.
[B. J. - Associated Director - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories - Bachupally - India]
This program has given me insight into the lean thinking principles which will benefit me personally and professionally
[T. S. B. - Chief Manager, Production - Sud-Chemie India Ltd. - Cochin - India]
An excellent course - really good as it was explained not with lot of presentation material but more with practical examples and exercises.
[J. M. - Deputy General Manager, Product Engineering - Amara Raja Batteries - India]
Excellent 2-day event, most entertaining & learning
[C P - Managing Director - Synectics Ltd - Nicosia - Cyprus]
A well conceived and applied seminar, very fruitful and constructive, as a method of going forward
[M V - Export Manager - Elysee Irrigation Ltd - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course, good food for thought. A challenge to all of us.
[P T - IT Consultant - Synectics Ltd - Nicosia - Cyprus]
An excellent course, an eye-opener to the way we act and think!! This concept is a tool to be used to stimulate ongoing improvement.
[A. D. F. - Planning/Procurement Co.ordinator - Paarman Foods - Cape Town - South Africa]
An excellent course, excellent presentation, excellent content.
[J. A. D. - Production Manager - Cocoa Processing Co. - Tema - Ghana]
An excellent course. Keep it up and you will change the course of industry.
[N. O. Q. - Quality Manager - Cocoa Processing Co. - Tema - Ghana]
An excellent course. This has been a very important step for my future (not only in my current job).
[J. C. - Operations Manager - British American Tobacco - Lusaka - Zambia]
An excellent, well structured course that was well presented and can give any company an edge, if properly implemented.
[K L - Operations Manager - Lancewood Cheese - George - South Africa]
An excellent course. This is for certain the plan of survival in a westernized concept. We need to constantly learn to think differently.
[R. P. - Production Manager - Nampak Polyfoil Zimbabwe - Bulawayo - Zimbabwe]
An excellent course, absolutely mind blowing. Hard facts are scary...
[J J v R - Production Supervisor - Zodiac Pool Care SA - Midrand - South Africa]
An excellent course, very informative, eye opening, the approach was excellent. I cannot wait the day to implement these dynamic tools at my work place.
[J D - Manufacturing Manager - BSN Medical SA - Pinetown - South Africa]
An excellent course, and excellent facilitator/trainer. Thanks a million.
[S G - Business Analyst, Process Re-Engineering - First National Bank - Johannesburg - South Africa]
An excellent course, well set to provoke for critical thinking.
[J T - Fillery Production Manager - Coca-Cola Swaziland - Ezulwini - Swaziland]
Lean is often confused as being a manufacturing-based philosophy. Now the value Lean can add to other functions in a business is clear. This course has shaken my heart.
[H M - Quality Manager - Sans Fibres - Cape Town - South Africa]
more testimonials

fees, discounts, promotion, terms and conditions

FEES STRUCTURE (Prices are per Delegate):
Price per Delegate ZAR or N$ 8500,00
2 Delegates: less 5% ZAR or N$ 8075,00
3-5 Delegates: less 10% ZAR or N$ 7650,00
6-9 Delegates: less 15% ZAR or N$ 7225,00
10+ Delegates: less 20% ZAR or N$ 6800,00

Please note: the deadline for registration is strictly by the 11th May 2010.
Early Bird Registration: register and settle Course Fees by April 30th, 2010 and get an additional 10% discount on the applicable price (as per Fees Structure above)

For a Printable Registration Form (pdf) please click here.

To download a Printable Course Brochure (pdf) please click here.

Fees include: participation to the 3-day Course "The Lean Enterprise (Lean Thinking)" to be held at a 4* Hotel (venue to be advised - this will be confirmed shortly) on 18 - 19 - 20 May 2010 - Refreshments and Lunches - Course Notes and Documentation - Certificate of Achievement signed by Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio - One free e-consulting Advice by Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio.
Upon receipt of a duly completed and signed Registration Form, a Confirmation Letter and Invoice will be sent to you.

Payment of Course Fees is strictly on presentation and is required within 5 working days from date of Invoice.

All Cancellations of Registrations must be made in writing. Due to contractual obligations, the following cancellation charges apply:
20 to 10 working days notice : 50% of the course fee
9 to 3 working days notice : 70% of the course fee
2 working days or less notice : 100% of the course fee
However, a complete set of documentation will be sent to you.
Substitutions are welcome at any time.

Should the course be cancelled by force-majeure or for any other reason, you will receive a full refund of the paid Course Fees.



For administrative and technical enquiries please contact directly the Course Leader:
Dr. Carlo Scodanibbio
P O Box 1018
Sea Point    8060
South Africa
Tel. +27 (0)21 424 9556 - Cell. +27 (0)83 258 7128 - e-mail:

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